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PARROT - the flagship of the Parrot Society of New Zealand.

Our magazine is often claimed by readers as one of the best parrot magazines.

It is printed on high quality paper and contains colour on most pages.

Some facts about PARROT :

  1. PARROT is printed in A5 format and 32 pages colour, using digital printing technology

  2. A high ratio of articles to advertising (85:15)

  3. Members are entitled to advertise free of charge, birds for sale or Breeders Adverts.

  4. PARROT is published quarterly

  5. The aim is to publish PARROT bi-monthly once membership numbers enable this to occur

  6. Articles can also be found on aviary construction, parrot nutrition, hand rearing, homeopathy and many other useful topics relating to the successful breeding of parrots.

Note! Unfortunately until our solicitors bill incurred in fighting the bird ban is paid we are only producing the magazine in downloadable pdf format.

Some of the parrot species covered in articles found in PARROT include:

  • All New Zealand native parrots

  • Australian lorikeets

  • Neophemas

  • African Grey

  • King Parrot

  • Indian Ringneck

  • Derbyan

  • Plumhead

  • Chattering Lory

  • Red & Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos

  • Major Mitchell Cockatoo

  • Amazons

  • Macaws

  • Rosellas

  • Red Shining Parrot

  • and many many more.

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