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The Parrot Society of New Zealand was formed in late 1991 to fill the niche market for Parrot Breeders in this country.

Our overseas membership is however growing much faster than that for New Zealand.

The primary objectives of the Society are to encourage the breeding of every parrot in New Zealand whether it be in the wild or captivity and to produce a high quality magazine devoted entirely to parrots. Pet owners are also catered for.

Our logo is a stylised Kakapo, one of the world's rarest parrots.

Join the Parrot Society and enjoy the benefits of membership.


  • Parrot magazine - 3 issues a year

  • Sales & services including books, leg-rings and other parrot related items

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Bird sales (from bird clubs and societies around the country)

  • Quarterly General Meetings - one held away from Auckland each year

  • Aviary tours

  • How to workshops - eg How to Handrear and Train Parrots

  • Information on Parrots in New Zealand - both native and exotic

  • Parrots for Sale and Birds Wanted - classified advertising 

  • Parrot News in New Zealand - news on parrots in NZ both wild & captive

  • Support from and contact with other parrot owners around New Zealand


The Parrot Society's breeders have a wealth of knowledge but their priority is managing their own flocks. While they may take time to answer your forwarded query, please don't let this put you off asking a question.

Membership Type

Membership is for a 12 month period.

1 year individual subscription - $40 or 1 year partner subscription - $45
( If overseas membership is required please email the membership secretary and we will get back to you )

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