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Two 1 year old hens $200 each. 

Two 4 yr olds (brother and sister), $350.

Contact Don: 0274746858
Princess Parrots:

Two 2 year old males, $200 each.


King Parrot:

Hen, 5 yr old $350.

Pair of young Plumheads, $1600.


Contact Kevin: 094396011




Young Plum Head males - $600 each

Contact Kevin Pulman : 09 4396011

or email :

Green Wing Macaws

15 year breeding pair, suggested starting price $20,000


Link wire netting 3m wide, different lengths, sparrow proof. POA    

Contact Ferry : 0274 472 934

Green nape Lorikeets       Male or female $150 ea


Contact Gavin : 09 4076611 or

Princess Parrots
All split for blue and last season’s youngsters. All DNA sexed aviary birds.

Fit and healthy.

Males @ $300 each and Hens @$400.

Contact Heather:

Princess Parrot


The Parrot Place can arrange shipping of your bird. 

Please visit our Rates page or Shipping Crate Requirements for further information

Parrots International
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