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Long Billed Corella hen

DNA tested and over two years old.


Happy to swap out a six year old male as I have two of them.  

Dark Green / Olive Scaley Lorikeet hen

Happy to swap for a three year old DNA male

(as per photo)

Contact Shona: 021 40 81 83

Star finch pair
Parrot finch pair
Contact Dave: 027633324
Parson finch pair
Plum headed finch pair.
Galahs, Major Mitchell’s, Corellas, Ringneck


Male and female Galahs, normal and lutino.

Male and female Major Mitchell's.

Male and female Long Billed Corellas.

Adult Male Blue Indian Ringneck.

Contact Hayden: 022 099 6577

or email:

Cape Doves - singles or pairs
Buln Buln - hen 


Contact Barney Tremeer: 021677562

Adult Hen Galah and Hen Major Mitchell


Please contact Vanessa on 0212670738 or

Adult male or female olive/blue Ringneck


Please contact Luiz Borges: 0277670009

Buln Buln - Hen


and always looking for Crimson Wing hens

Contact John Wills: 0276648729

Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo Hen


Prefer mature if possible. Contact Corilin: 021 294 6785 or

28 cockbird


Contact James: 0274864668 or email:

Princess Hen

Prefer normal as I want to try and save normal strain...

Contact Don: 0274746858

Parrots International
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