Parrot Society of New Zealand

Exotic Parrots in NZ

Exotic parrots were first introduced into New Zealand in 1928 with the importation from Australia of the budgerigar and in following decade, most of the other Australian species together with some from Africa and Asia.

Very few were imported from South America or the Indonesian Islands.

Some species died out, but the vast majority of the Australian ones thrived and are today bred in relatively large numbers given the size of the avicultural base in New Zealand with a total population of only 3.5 million people.

Many of the Australian Cockatoos still command good prices here for e.g. Galah or Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, or Major Mitchells.

South American species are still quite rare and fetch outrageous prices compared to that in the USA or Europe e.g Blue & Gold Macaw.

Importing to NZ

Parrots are prohibited from importation into New Zealand.

New Zealand's importing regulations ban the import of parrots in order to preserve the "disease free status" of this country.

Up until mid 1997, parrot imports were only permitted from Australia with quarantining being carried out by the importer or from England via a High-Risk Quarantine facility in New Zealand. Owing to the Government's low priority given to importing birds (compared to other flora and fauna), there is no timing available when protocols will be in place that will allow the importation of birds into New Zealand.