Encouraging the breeding of every parrot in New Zealand whether in the wild or captivity

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Anything considered for aviary - Dargaville

Contact Janet on : kajkrooney@gmail.com or 09 4390132

Female King Parrot

Preferably from South Island breeder.     Tel:  03 208 4715

Adult Pairs and New Season Galahs, Major Mitchells, and Long Billed Corellas to fill export order.
Contact: Mary Lee Phone home: (09) 412 2166

Rock Pebbler/Regent hen

Contact Aaron on: aaroncoker70@gmail.com or 022 194 2758

Green Cheek Conure Hen 

Nandays or Sun Conure pairs

Contact Robyn on: te.kowhai.aviaries@gmail.com

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