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Buln Buln - hen

Hooded Parrot - cock

Princess Parrot - hen (any colour)

Mulga - cock

and always looking for Crimson Wing hens

Contact John Wills: 0276648729

Female Musk Lorikeet

Contact Heather: flowers@xtra.co.nz

Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo Hen

Prefer mature if possible. Contact Corilin: 021 294 6785 or email:csteel@xtra.co.nz

Crimson Wing

Cockbird, prefer under 2 years but will consider an adult. Also willing to take a pair if need be. 

28 cockbird

Contact James: 0274864668 or email: tomeke12@gmail.com

Moustache hen or pair - Crimson Wing hen or pair - King Parrot hen

Contact John Wills : Phone 07-8248795   (Fax 07-8247593)

Princess Hen

Prefer normal as I want to try and save normal strain...

Contact Don: 0274746858

Mature Eclectus Hen

Contact Gwenda : 0275404267

Green Cheek Conure Hen 

Nandays or Sun Conure pairs

Contact Robyn on: te.kowhai.aviaries@gmail.com

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