Parrot Society of New Zealand
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  • Parrot Training and Enrichment Workshop, May 21, 2011

    Parrot Society of New Zealand is bringing two world renowned American speakers to New Zealand for a one day seminar: bird behaviourist Barbara

  • Pet Parrot Picnic 2011

    The Pet Parrot Picnic 2011 day is fast approaching. Come along and bring your clipped pet

  • Aviculture Workshop 21st November 2010

    Following the success of the conference in April, the Parrot Society is organising a one day workshop of interest to aviculturalists and bird

  • Parrot Conference 2010

    An article written about our Auckland Parrot Conference held in April 2010 has been published in Australian Birdkeeper Magazine.

  • Speaker at our AGM Saturday

    Paul Dixon will speak at the Parrot Society of New Zealand, AGM on his recent trip to the Parrot Convention 2010 in Brisbane .