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MAF Import Standard review

Import health standard work programme update Dec 3, 2008

MAF Biosecurity New Zealand anticipates a small capacity for new items on the import health standard work programme for the two years starting July 2009 and is holding a round of prioritisation.   The closing date for requests to be considered for prioritisation will be 30 January 2009.

MAF Biosecurity New Zealand will consider that any existing requests that have not been reconfirmed by then are no longer required.

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What does this mean to parrot lovers, pet owners and breeders?

Currently, MAF does not allow pet or breeder birds into New Zealand. MAF will not allow parrots or other birds into the country until there are Health Standards established.

To enable this to happen, we need to get Health Standards for birds on the MAF prioritisation list. How do we get birds on the priority list? Send as many applications as possible to MAF requesting birds into NZL, and that Health Standards be established. And keep sending requests...

How do we send the request? - Use one of the forms on this page

Although there is some time and effort required to completed the application, it is well worth it. Part of the request form requires you to send examples of countries where this is permitted and what the health standards are. Two examples you can search for information on are where birds are permitted. Two examples are Canada to the UK. and Canada to the USA, both countries allow import of pet and breeder birds from Canada. You can search for other examples you may feel are appropriate by reviewing each countries animal import web pages throughout the world.

How else can you assist? You can help by sending this information and links to anyone querying about importing birds to New Zealand.

We will never change the import restriction changed unless MAF establishes health standards. These requests are reviewed and then prioritized. In 2006/2007 there was only one request for an African Grey to come from the U.K. We will need a lot more people requesting the Health Standards Review before we can get it before the review panel. Most people give up due to the amount of work involved and the difficulty navigating through the MAf website and information.

Please persevere, complete the form and send to MAF, send often, send many, tell everyone who cares to do the same...