Parrot Society of New Zealand


Parrot Society of New Zealand Warning

This is a Parrot Society warning about Luanna Cresswell (who also goes under the alias of Maree Thompson) currently residing in the lower South Island. Sadly this person has been scamming people into selling her birds (and animals) for low prices and then reselling them at much inflated prices and/or trying to gain money through appeals on Facebook or one of the donation pages. She currently has a young eclectus male with a seriously broken leg which needs urgent treatment. She has been offered help in the form of advice and action (including purchase so she does not lose money) by many knowledgeable people but she still has the bird and is not getting the treatment it needs or deserves. Please do not be tempted to sell this person any more birds and certainly do not buy one from her or donate any money to one of her 'causes'. The SPCA have been informed and we will be doing all we can to help them.