Parrot Society of New Zealand


Survey of Parrots kept in New Zealand

As many bird owners are aware the New Zealand Government has not allowed the importing of parrots into New Zealand for many year, to protect native birds from avian diseases they have no protection against. As a result the committees of both the Parrot Society of New Zealand and the Avicultural Society of New Zealand are becoming concerned that some species of parrots that were once common in avairies are becoming harder to find. The purpose of this confidential survey is to establish a database of what species are still commonly bred, and what species are in decline needing specific efforts by aviculturalists to maintain sustainable numbers of breeding pairs.

Download the printable PDF version here: New Zealand Parrot Survey

This survey is confidential. Please take the time to print and fill in the survey and return to us at the following address:

Parrot Survey, C/O The Parrot Society of New Zealand, P.O.Box 79-202, Royal Heights, Waitakere 0656

Any enquires can also be emailled to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.