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And then there were is with deep regret and sadness that I pass on the news that Sass, one of our longest known living kakapo has gone to the big rimu tree in the sky.

Sass was found in April 1980 on Stewart Island by Arab and the dog Mandy. He was named after "Bigfoot" Phil Thomson aka Sasquatch (hence Sas...s). Relocated to Codfish Island in July of 1987 along with Nora he was the first to be moved. While on Codfish he fathered six chicks, Robbie, Palmersan, Te Kingi, Blake, Kumi and Kuihi and he also has three grand-chicks through Kuihi. He lived in a great place out here on the island up on the East side looking back at his old home, jammed in with Jimmy, Lionel, Ben, Blades, and Nog to mention a few. They had some right old dust ups over bowls during the summers!

The rangers tell me that one of the highlights of their days traipsing round the island was seeing him out feeding during the day at his hopper, he'd amble off into the scrub a bit waiting for them to move on so he could get back to his afternnon tea. They'll miss that. Unfortunately the last few years he hasn't been in the best of health and his condition and booming fell away, perhaps old age caught up with him? He'll be missed by all his kakapo and biped mates, rest in peace, buddy:)

Posted today by Sirocco Kakapoon his facebook page

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