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Incubation and Hand Rearing Workshop – 12th September 2015

A wonderful, friendly and informative day was had by all at this event held at the Quality Hotel Lincoln Green, Henderson.

David and Aviva Vishnia started off the lectures with a talk about the thinking behind and development of their ground-breaking Inca Incubator. This included heaps of information about how eggs are parent hatched and how this data was incorporated into their machine and how breeders can use it to improve their hatch rates in the artificial environment. All very new and different for most of us who have used conventional incubators but seemed to make a great deal of sense. The question and answer session that followed was equally fascinating and it was fantastic to be able to talk to someone who has done such an in-depth study of the subject.

Inca Incubator


Next they both talked about the trials and tribulations of hand rearing baby birds and there was a great deal of excellent advice from David who is very much a hands-on bird person. This was followed by a practical demonstration of hand rearing techniques and guidelines by our own Mary-Lee Sloan with some of her super babies.

Hand Feeding

Finally we were all treated to a pictorial record of the Avicultural Society of Australia convention at Healesville Sanctuary which was attended by several of our members. Mary-Lee Sloan and Mark Davies gave a great running commentary on the photos and both agreed that it had been an awesome experience which they had thoroughly enjoyed.

 Workshop Attendees

Attendees had a lovely lunch and the chance to catch up with old and new friends. There was also yet another great raffle and auction and thanks are given to all those who donated prizes and bought tickets. All in all another very enjoyable and educational day hosted by the Parrot Society of New Zealand.

Photos courtesy of Kellie B Stewart