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From time to time we will add stories published in our older Parrot magazines.  Enjoy the read !

Apple cider vinegar for parrots?

Yes! Apple cider vinegar has many outstanding qualities that are beneficial to pets in general and birds are no exception. In my book, “A Guide to a Naturally Healthy Bird”, I write about the benefits of using ACV as a supplement in your bird’s diet. To teach you more about ACV and its uses I decided to write an article that would provide you with greater detail.

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A Beginners Guide to Breeding and Keeping

The Australian King Parrot

King parrots are endemic to the eastern coast of Australia. They are flock birds and also like to keep the company of others like the Eastern Rosella. They are ground foragers most of the time and their wild diet would consist of small insects and larvae plus seeds and leaf buds from the acacias and eucalypts. 

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Natures Little Helpers

One of the biggest threats to our birds’ long term health, vitality and ability to reproduce has to be Intestinal Worms. (In all their various forms.)

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Avian Nutrition


Alicia McWalters resides in the mountainous region of NM with her family and many animal and bird friends. She shares her home with 5 parrots, a Congo African Grey “Tiffany”, a caique “Joey”, a Solomon Island Eclectus “Chynna” and Umbrella Cockatoo “Dexter” and an African Red-Bellied Parrot “Lucy”.

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