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Yet another wonderful day out for society members and other parrot lovers. People came from as far away as Christchurch and the far north of NZ to listen to the speakers and meet up with friends old and new.

As usual we started with morning tea and meeting and greeting everyone. Jade Welch then did the first of his two presentations on cockatoos. He did a great run down on the origins of the white cockatoos we commonly see here in NZ aviculture and we were treated to some very interesting information about sub-species and population patterns in Australia. He also showed many amazing pictures of birds in their natural habitats, eating their preferred diets and showing us where they like to nest. All of this is great food for thought for those of us breeding and trying to breed these diverse and intelligent birds.

We then all had a delicious buffet lunch and thanks go to everyone who contributed food and to the ladies in the kitchen who worked hard to make sure we were well fed and watered – Janice Mead, Christine Pulman and Linda White. What a lovely opportunity this time gives us all to catch up with old friends and meet new ones!

Following lunch we heard a presentation from Lizy Jiang of Pet Doctors, St Lukes, Ak.

She spoke about how to keep our birds healthy and how to spot when things are starting to go wrong. She also emphasised the need to be pro-active with a worming programme and to take our birds to the vet clinic sooner rather than later if we want them to be made well again. Simple problems become much worse when left as we should all know.

There was also news of a great deal between Pet Doctors and PSNZ members as we now all get 20% discount across the board on all vet consults and treatments.

It was then time for the event raffle and auction. The raffle was marvellous as usual with some fabulous prizes donated by attendees. Thank you all who donated and also Mary-Lee Sloan who always organises the tickets and a lot of the prizes. The auction was a triumph with Paul Dixon keeping the bidding up and the audience laughing. Top seller of the day was undoubtedly the lovely picture of a hyacinth macaw photographed, donated and signed by our special guest, Jade Welch. Bidding was fierce but in the end Tristan Watts won the day against huge opposition and was very happy with his purchase.

Thanks go to Topflite, Vetafarm, Roudybush and David Graham of Orijen and In-Tune for their donations to both raffle and auction. Very much appreciated! Also to all the individual donors who did us proud and made it a winning experience for so many.

Following afternoon tea we heard from our own Mark Davies. He spoke about getting our birds ready for winter and encouraged contributions from the audience as well. I think we all learned a lot and gained some great ideas for preparing for the bad weather and the non-breeding season from both Mark and the other members of the audience. There was also a quiz running which kept everyone on their toes and was great fun.

The final presentation came again from Jade Welch. This time he dealt with keeping the cockatoo species in an aviary setting and how to get the most out of them. Vry interesting and informative and gave all of us listening a lot to think about as winter draws on. He kept everyone laughing with his usual humourous take on things and his talk was illustrated by more of his great photography.

Many thanks go to all our speakers on the day, Jade Welch, Lizy Jiang and Mark Davies you are all stars! Also to all the members of the committee and others who helped with setting up, running and clearing away afterwards. We’d be lost without you!

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