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Buln bulns

7 birds this season young nice big birds.

will be getting DNA done after Xmas.



This season not DNAed but could get done, parents are lacewings.

2 blue, one grey, 2 lacewings.


Moustache parrot

2 chicks this seasons not DNAed but will be getting done after Xmas.


Alexandrine parrots

2 chicks this seasons not DNAed but will be getting done after Xmas


Email Robyn : te.kowhai.aviaries@gmail.com


1 blue pair unrelated $160

1 Albino female $80

Mealy Rosellas

1 Pair 4 year old $500

Young male and female $250 each


1 male rising 3 year old $400


Rosa and Normal $40 Each


Young DNAd can make up pairs $150 pair


All colours $45 each

Sun Conure

1 young hand reared male $650

Phone Fred evenings on 07-8243407

or email fredandjanice@xtra.co.nz

Whiteface; Whiteface-pearl; Whiteface-lutino; Normal grey; Lutino; Pearl.
All this season's young birds.

Blue Indian Ringnecks

This, and last season's birds
By South Island breeder. Tel: 03 208 4715

Grey/Lavender Female IRN
Hand Raised, DNA tested, Ready now 

Eastern Rosellas
In the process of DNA testing, ready to go once results in.
Hand Raised to reduce flightiness, could be handled with time by customer.            Total of 9 available

Contact Christine:  021 214 9886

Guinea Fowl Keets

Two month-old,  $20 each,  Coastal Taranaki.

Tel: 0275404267

King, Princesses, Galah, Rainbow Lorikeets and Musk

Princess Parrots

This season’s babies and all split for blue.

DNA Male. Hand reared but not socialised. Weaned and in aviary now and mixing happily with other birds. $400 (Older male siblings also available for the same price.)

DNA hen. Parent reared and fully weaned. Ready to go now. $650.

Galah Male

Age unknown but has fathered and helped raise chicks in the past. In great health but has slightly plucked himself since losing his mate. Aviary only. $650

Musk Lorikeets

This season’s babies.

1 DNA Hen. Parent reared, weaned and ready to go. $400

1 DNA Male. Hand reared and starting to wean. Ready in a few weeks. Very friendly little chap. Not yet clipped but will be soon to be sold as a pet. $400

Rainbow Lorikeets

Two DNA males. Hand reared and weaning now. Ready in a couple of weeks. Inquisitive and friendly and a pair of clowns. $140 each

King Parrot

DNA Male. Hand reared and just weaning now. Will be ready in a couple of weeks. Nice character and very friendly. Clipped but could also be used as a breeder if required. $450

All babies come with their DNA cards plus a starter pack of their current food.

Email Heather on: flowers@xtra.co.nz

Yellow Bibbed Lori's
12 months old, DNA sexed
$1500 ea.
09 4076611

Breeding pair of African Greys


20 Months old Male African Grey


The Parrot Place can arrange shipping of your bird.

Please visit our Rates page or Shipping Crate Requirements for further information.

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