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Crimsonwing Cockbird

About 18mths old just colouring up.

Swap for hen Crimsonwing, do not want to sell him only swap.

Contact Dave: 0274337019

Scarlet Macaw Pair - $20,000   

Young hand-reared Scarlet Macaw - $10,000   

Hand-reared Yellow crowned Amazon hybrid - $5,000   

Young hand-reared Blue and Gold Macaw - $7,000  

Contact Anneke Haworth – 021 075 3254

or anneke@natureski.co.nz

Female red sided Eclectus

Year old $1500

Green nape Lorikeets

Male or female $150 ea

Contact Gavin : 09 4076611 or pacgold@xtra.co.nz


1 blue pair unrelated $160

1 Albino female $80

Mealy Rosellas

1 Pair 4 year old $500

Young male and female $250 each


1 male rising 3 year old $400


Rosa and Normal $40 Each


Young DNAd can make up pairs $150 pair


All colours $45 each

Sun Conure

1 young hand reared male $650

Phone Fred evenings on 07-8243407

or email fredandjanice@xtra.co.nz


Christine's Aviaries

Individual breeder based in Whangarei. Species include; Alexanderine, Budgies, Cockatiels, Indian Ringnecks, Galahs, Conures and Quails. Check out Facebook page for availability 


Yellow Bibbed Lori's
12 months old, DNA sexed
$1500 ea.
09 4076611

The Parrot Place can arrange shipping of your bird.

Please visit our Rates page or Shipping Crate Requirements for further information.

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