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The remaining rabble who stayed for the final photo.  After 3 days of fantastic presentations, great company, entertainment and food we were exhausted.  So many overseas visitors said it was the best convention they had ever attended and would be coming back in 2019.  If only we could do it every year! 

2018 Convention Flyer

It all started with a Powhiri

Anil Garg opened the great lineup of speakers with his experiences of aviculture in India

Eric Antheunisse from USA talks on the large breeding setup he has at Lodi, California

Dr Jason Crean from USA talks about the Importance of Raw Whole Food

Michael Lee from Australian Macaw Research Centre.  A man passionate about the macaw species and their lineage talks about choosing a macaw

Dr Scott Echols from USA talks about avian metabolic bone disease

Dr Stacy Gelis from Australia talks about the different diets required for Lori's vs Lorikeets before showing us a fascinating live necropsy

Our very own Gavin White talks about the Goldies lorikeet

Our very own Rachel Riley talking about her experiences at Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre, Western Australia..... and the rehabilitation of orphaned Black Cockatoos to release point
Sheryl Steele-Boyce of ABK publications Australia
Introduces Dr Stacy Gelis

Katrin Scholtyssek (ACTP) introduces Crowell Purchase (AL WABRA) to talk about the conservation work they are doing with the Spix macaw.

Andrew Digby talks about the great work they are undertaking towards the Kakapo recovery in New Zealand

Greg Webster of Topflite talked about the new products they were going to introduce

Great fun at the auction when Eric Antheunisse became the impromptu auctioneer for the evening

It all ended with the speaker presentation

Speaker appreciation gifts

All 2018 Parrot Society of New Zealand 2018 convention photos taken courtesy of Jade Welch

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