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The Parrot Society of New Zealand recently celebrated 25 YEARS of working alongside New Zealand aviculturists, encouraging education and the exchange of avicultural ideas and experiences and thereby enhancing the wellbeing of parrots in our care.

Our programme catered for all levels from the serious breeder (with an emphasis on parrot husbandry, reproduction and wellbeing in a breeding situation) to those who have an interest in companion parrots and their welfare.

It was a fantastically successful event which has gained national and international accolades from some of the top aviculturists in the world. 

Speakers were as follows:

    • Dr Berend Westera BVSc, BD Veterinarian (NZ)
    • Tony Silva Author, Aviculturist, Conservationist (USA)
    • Jim McKendry, Parrot Behaviourist (Aus)
    • Rick Jordan, Author, Aviculturist, Conservationist (USA)
    • Sheryll Steele-Boyce, CEO Australian Birdkeeper Magazine (Aus)
    • Dr Susan Clubb DVM, Dipl ABVP-Avian, Author, Aviculturist, Conservationist (USA)
    • John Nunn, Aviculturist (NZ)
    • Dr Luis Ortiz-Catedral, Researcher, Conservationist (NZ)
    • Jade Welch, Parrot Breeder, Perky Parrots Australia
    • Barry Blanch of Rosewood Bird Gardens (Aus)
    • Dr Tony Gestier BVSC, Owner and Director Vetafarm (Aus)
    • Chris Castles, Hatched to Fly Free (NZ)

The speakers and some of the organisers were treated to a trip to Tiritiri Matangi Island before the start of the convention and were amazed by the range of species and hard work involved in maintaining this impressive sanctuary.

There was an aviary tour on the first day and all visitors were thoroughly impressed by the fabulous aviary set ups and birds presented by Acorn Aviaries (Mark and Brenda Davies), Mary-Lee Sloan (Parrots International) and Davey and Joy Jones. Our thanks go to all of them for allowing us to visit and extending such wonderful hospitality. The praise for all of the aviaries and birds in them was unbounded and a fabulous advert for our avicultural abilities in NZ.

Back at the convention venue there was registration and goody bags followed by a wonderful Maori welcome for our guests. The set up was thoroughly user-friendly and the visual and audio amenities were second to none. Everyone felt included and involved in all the content and the speakers were accessible both when speaking and at other times during the convention. All very friendly whilst also being professional and informative. The first speaker was Rick Jordan who wowed the crowd and he was followed over the next 2 days by the other speakers who were equally awesome. The evening of the second day was topped by a fabulous dinner and a talk from the wonderful Chris Castles (Hatched to Fly Free) who left very few dry eyes in the house! The raffle and auction were a resounding success and raised money for both the PSNZ and Hatched to Fly Free.

Sunday was a fabulous day of sharing with more speakers and heaps of networking going on. It was sad for all involved when it was over. A lot of friends were made and information was shared and everyone benefitted hugely from the experience.

Huge thanks go to all of the PSNZ committee but particularly Mary-Lee Sloan, Mark Davies and Paul Dixon for their hard work bringing this event together. You'd be mad to miss the next one!!  Below are just a few of the highlights of the great weekend.

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