Parrot Society of New Zealand

Parrot Society Convention 2018

Cromwell Purchase PhD


The Parrot Society of New Zealand have been trying hard to bring this presenter to our shores for many years but his dedication to his job and work commitments have not coincided with our conventions. This year all that has changed! Kiwis, if you’re not too sure who this gentleman is thenGoogle his name! You will be blown away with the extensive achievements and contributions that he and his team have brought to aviculture world wide.
Cromwell has informed us that he has something incredibly special that he would like to share with us at our convention in April. Even we don't know what it is but we feel extremely flattered to provide a platform for some exciting news! So, without further ado here is a brief introduction of who Cromwell is:
Cromwell Purchase studied for many years gaining degrees in a varied field, but ultimately went on to focus more on animals. He went on to gain a Masters in Veterinary Science at Onderstepoort concentrating on Avian Diseases, Medicine and Vaccine Technology and a PhD at the University of Pretoria in Zoology, specialising in Avian Nutritional Physiology.
He has been involved in aviculture since 1987 (aged 10) and has more than 25 years of self-taught avian incubation and hand-rearing experience and has amassed a large private breeding collection of a mixture of parrots, with a favourite focus on Lories and Lorikeets. In addition he has over 10 years of hands on reptile/arachnid captive breeding/husbandry and large mammal husbandry and training experience.
Since December 2010, Cromwell has been the Blue Macaw Captive Coordinator at Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation and was soon promoted to Head of Birds. He also took over the research and conservation departments due to his background and education. In 2013 Cromwell was promoted to director at Al Wabra and is currently the International Studbook Keeper, Genealogist and Management consultant for the Spix’s macaw recovery program.