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Parrot Society Convention 2018

Gavin White (NZ)

GavinWhiteGavin White is a well respected aviculturist within New Zealand and is regarded as an authority here for the breeding of the "brush tongued" parrots. Gavin along with his very understanding wife Linda, have an extensive collection of Lories and Lorikeets with many breeding successes including the delicate and beautiful Goldies Lorikeet.

Gavins presentation will focus on his management and breeding of this delightful species, identifying the highs and lows of working with these birds.

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I live in Kerikeri, Bay of Islands in the winterless north of New Zealand. Now retired after commercial beekeeping for 45 years producing speciality honey products for locals and export markets. Now currently a Queen Bee breeder again for local and export also. With the current demand I still produce two thousand queen bees a year, pocket money allows me to attend a parrot convention in Australia each year.

My first introduction to bird keeping was with Bantams and Pigeons when I was about eight years old. In the early sixties I had Budgerigars and Lovebirds but lost interest when cars and girls came along. My interest was rekindled 20 years ago when my wife and I were in Australia visiting our children and seeing the Aussie birds in their natural habitat.

I purchased a real cross section of species when I started again, to see what I liked the best. I decided that the Lori and Lorikeets and medium sized Australian parrots are the species that I prefer. My collection now is about 60% Lori and Lorikeets and of late the rare and difficult to breed species is what I have been concentrating on. I have been having reasonable success with a Goldies Lorikeet breeding program over the last 15 years.

I do have grave concerns on the numbers of species that we have lost in New Zealand over recent times and unfortunately there are a number that will follow the same demise if nothing is done. 























Gavin is sponsored by The Bird Barn and will be speaking on the following subject:

Management and Breeding the Goldies Lorikeet in NZ