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Rachel Riley is a professional avian behaviour and training consultant, and owns and operates Parrot Life Behaviour and Training. Running since 2013, Parrot Life Behaviour and Training offers in-home and online consultations for companion parrot owners (often on a referral basis from avian vets) and a range of workshops and training courses for parrots and their owners. Parrot Life®is based in Perth, Australia, but is expanding into New Zealand in 2018.
















Rachel has had many years working with parrots and birds of all shapes and sizes, in the conservation field as well as focusing on her passion of behaviour and training in more recent years. Parrot Life® also has a strong conservation focus, with one of the main contracts being the avian management at Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre, where Rachel and the Parrot Life® team work intensively on onsite husbandry, diet, volunteer training, cockatoo rehabilitation and movements, release assessments and training of non-release birds for display and education. Rachel holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Zoology from Massey University, New Zealand.

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Rachel is sponsored by Vetafarm and will be speaking on the following subjects:

Kaarakin: Rehabilitating Orphaned Black Cockatoos to Release Point
Parrot Behaviour: Assessing and Correcting Common Problem Behaviours in Captive Parrots