Parrot Society of New Zealand

Parrot Society Convention 2018

Dr Scott Echolls (USA)

DVM, Dipl ABVP (Avian Practice) -Utah (USA)


Dr Scott Echols grew up in Texas and received his BS from Texas A&M University and DVM from Texas A&M College of Veterinarian Medicine. Upon completion of veterinarian school, Dr Echols moved to California to work with Dr Brian Speer and completed his residency in avian medicine and surgery. Drs Speer and Echols worked on many avian projects including developing flock health programmes, new surgery techniques and diagnosing and treating kidney disorders in birds. Both doctors continue to collaborate on multiple avian subjects and co-teach at conferences worldwide.


After spending 5 years in California, Dr Echols moved to Austin, Texas to become the Director of Avian Medical and Surgical Services at Westgate Pet and Bird Hospital for the next 9 years. At this point, Dr Echols continued to develop new techniques in avian medicine and surgery and began a prolific writing and speaking career.


In 2009 Dr Echols formed Avian Mobile Surgical Services with Dr Brian Speer and Now Dr Echols provides avian surgical consultation services throughout the United States and acts as a visiting professor at multiple veterinary schools. was created to provide educational material designed to improve the lives of captive birds. Such releases as Captive Foraging and the Expert Companion Bird Care Series DVD's have sold and been viewed worldwide and have received high praise.
Additionally, Dr Echols is the co-creator of the Lafeber Critical Care Series videos which were designed to help veterinarians handle emergency situations with birds and other exotic animals.


Dr Echols is a past president of the Association of Avian Veterinarians, he is a reviewer for the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery, and recipient of both the TJ Lafeber Avian Practitioner of the Year Award and Texas Non-Traditional Species Practitioner of the Year Award and founder of the 'Reproductive Problems in Ducks' and 'Nutrition for Pets' forums on Facebook.

A relatively recent project that Dr Echols has been part of is the Grey Parrot Anatomy Project, which has created new collaborations and numerous new findings that are sure to apply to all birds and much more.

Again some of our committee members have been fortunate to meet and hear the work that Dr Echols brings to our hobby. Using up to date technological advancements to discover new findings that we have never been able to observe in the past.



Scott will be speaking on the following subjects:

Avian Metabolic Bone Disease and Why It's so Important
Navigating the Dietary Supplement Industry