Parrot Society of New Zealand

Parrot Society Convention 2018

Dr Stacey GelisDrStaceyGelis1

The Parrot Society of New Zealand is again excited to finally bring Dr Stacey Gelis to New Zealand. A highly respected Australian veterinary practitioner who has a professional and personal connection to aviculture in Australia. ‚Ä®Members of The Parrot Society have had the privelege of meeting Dr Gelis and have appreciated his professional yet practical and understandable presentations.


Stacey has been an avian veterinarian for over 25 years, working in both private practice and zoological facilities. During this time he has developed a broad expertise not only with psittacine birds, but also finches, softbills, galliforms, waterfowl and ratites. He has been involved in the import and export of birds, as well as working with endangered parrots including the orange-bellied parrot. Stacey has published much of his work in scientific and avicultural journals as well as contributing chapters to several avian veterinary texts. He has also lectured at veterinary conferences and avicultural conventions. 


His particular areas of interest include nutrition and diseases of loriinae, gastrointestinal diseases of birds and diseases of finches and softbills.

Stacey has also been an aviculturist for over 30 years, having kept and bred a variety of psittacines, finches, softbills and poultry. His particular avicultural interests include lories and lorikeets, Psittacula and Australian parrots.



Stacey is sponsored by Australian Birdkeeper and will be speaking on the following subjects:

Delving into Post Mortem, What am I looking for? Real Time
Dietary Requirements of Lorikeets vs Lories, Why should it be Different?