Parrot Society of New Zealand

Parrot Society Convention 2018

Alycia Antheunisse (USA)


Well here we are with our mysterious guest speaker.
Our convention is turning into an event of "Firsts".... 
We are so pleased and honoured to be hosting Alycia Antheunisse.... wife of Eric Antheunisse and co owner of Cedar Hill Birds.
This will be the first time that Alycia has travelled overseas and the first time presenting with her husband at the same event. We felt extremely lucky that Alycia is taking the courage in stepping on a plane to get here!!! 
Alycia has a passion for educating others and the interest for Aviculture in the changing world ahead.
We can not wait for them both to spend time with us and look forward to gaining from the extensive avicultural experiences that Alycia will share with us.

Alycia has always had animals in her life. She was born into a ranching family and lived on a 500 acre sheep and cattle ranch until she was 22 years old. Working with her grandfather every day taught her the respect of animals, common sense, and a deeply rooted work ethic that keeps her grounded in what is now one of the largest and most respected exotic bird businesses in the world.

AlyciaAntheunisse2In 1996 Alycia reconnected with her now husband, Eric Antheunisse, founder of Cedar Hill Birds. Together they have built a business that circles the globe and incorporates all facets of aviculture.
Today, Alycia is instrumental in all aspects of handrearing: from nestbox to perch, public and resale. She also runs the office and keeps all records in accordance to protocol and client stipulations. Although she tends to be more involved with the public, education, etc, Alycia does enjoy the breeding aspect of aviculture as well. Together she and Eric work daily to provide their flock with the proper diet, environment, and enrichment that leads to consistent and strong production in what would be considered a commercial setting. Streamlining their operation has proven beneficial for all species, conures to macaws, lories to cockatoos.
It wasn’t until her children entered high school that Alycia began to see a dire need to expose young adults and even adults to the wonderful world of Aviculture. Alycia has worked extensively with her son and daughters FFA chapter (Future Farmers of America) to introduce the members to care, hand rearing, handling and breeding of exotic birds. She hopes to be able to offer an apprentice program to qualified students that wish to learn more and in turn continue educating and inspiring more people to participate in the hobby and industry.