Parrot Society of New Zealand

Parrot Society Convention 2018

Eric Antheunisse (USA)


We are proud to bring Eric Antheunisse back to our shores. Sharing his experiences with breeding parrots. A couple of our members have been fortunate to visit Eric's breeding farm located in the U.S.A and experienced breeding parrot species on a large scale. Eric, along with his wife have established the reputation for breeding Conures, however, a wide range of species are represented within their collection.
Read more about Eric below and convince yourself to be part of our event next year....

EricAntheunisse2For over 30 years Cedar Hill Birds has done business by these words: family, ethics, conservation, quality and success. By the age of nine, Eric Antheunisse had a poultry and water fowl collection most fanciers would be envious of. As his passion grew Eric immersed himself in the trade and breeding of parrots. He traveled the western United States with his parents visiting other breeders, quarantine stations and the like learning everything he could. 
In 1997 Eric met his wife, Alycia who quickly learned the ropes of the avicultural world. In 1999, Alycia and Eric had the first of two children, Ashle. In 2001, their son, Brenden was born. Both children have been brought up with the great appreciation for our feathered friends and are handy helpers around the ranch. Our children help in every aspect of care, feeding and cleaning, socializing, shipping and customer service. It is important to us that they understand the responsibility we have taken upon ourselves to raise these creatures. They surprise us day in and day out with their comprehension and knowledge of our business, passions and goals. 
Now, with a family, and a successful exotic bird business, Eric has not deviated from his childhood enthusiasm. Not only does he travel the world speaking of his experience in aviculture, but Eric also specializes in CITES export, commercial breeding, retailing, and continues to consult for breeders around the world. 
It is with his years of experience, compassion and drive that continue to make Cedar Hill Birds a successful and reputable breeder of exotics worldwide.



















Eric is sponsored by Parrots International NZ and will be speaking 
on the following subjects:

Breeding Parrots at Cedar Hill Birds (Not just a hobby)

Breeding Conures, Their Care and Management