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Parrot Society Convention 2018

Anil Garg (India)

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Anil’s passion for animals of all descriptions was evident from a very young age. His first foray into animal breeding was with mice and rats when he was around 6 years of age, from here his interest rapidly grew and he soon built up a small collection of exotic birds including Cockatiels, Diamond Doves, Peach-faced Lovebirds and various finches. The lovebirds soon bred for him and that was it…Anil was well and truly hooked!

Since these early days, Anil’s passion has only increased and he now maintains a large and varied collection of exotic parrots across two large facilities. Species range from various conures, such as Pearly, Crimson-bellied and Patagonian, lories including Red and Blue, Dusky and Ornate, caiques, and most of the African species including Red-bellied, Rüppell's, Jardine’s and Capes to Hawk-headed Parrots, various Amazons, such Cuban and Double-yellow Headed, numerous cockatoos including Goffin’s, Palms and Red-tailed Blacks, and Macaws including Scarlets, Great Green, Red-fronted and Blue-throated to name but a few!

In addition to 100+ species of parrots that Anil holds across his two facilities, he also keeps various species of tamarins and marmosets as well as numerous reptiles. Primates and reptiles are another great passion of his. And let’s also not forget the wallabies and the Capybaras!

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Anil is also a founding member and the inaugural and current secretary of the Avian Society of India or ASI as it is more often referred. The ASI represents the first society of its kind in India and aims to not only share experience and knowledge, but also to bring breeders together under the umbrella of a national organisation that represents aviculture and aviculturists from the ground level up.

Away from the birds, Anil runs several companies, across a number of fields, the main two being the software companies Pty Ltd and, along with businesses in both the confectionary and fertilizer manufacturing industries.

Anil will be sharing the work that he has done to promote aviculture within India and breeding successes he has had. A hobby that has exploded within his country over a small amount of time, bringing a new, fresh and exciting dimension to aviculture and conservation within India and also globally. We warmly welcome Anil to New Zealand during April 2018.

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Anil is sponsored by Vetafarm and will be speaking
on the following subjects:

Aviculture in India
Artificial Incubation and Embryology