Parrot Society of New Zealand

Parrot Society Convention 2018

Michael Lee - Aviculturist (AUS)


Michael embarked on his aviculture journey at early age, breeding budgerigars with his father as a hobby. Michael maintained his interest in budgerigar breeding until his interests matured into other areas of aviculture.

After meeting his partner, who also had an interest in aviculture but a particular focus on macaws, soon became a joint adventure in macaws. Their journey started with a pair of Blue & Gold Macaws, followed by a second pair six months later, to now over 70 Macaws in their collection. This passion built the foundations and the official formation of the Australian Macaw Research Centre (AMRC). The AMRC is the first and only private research centre dedicated to the research of macaws in Australia, and the second private research centre to be admitted into Species 360.


Michael has a particular interest in macaw diet and nutrition, and tracing particular blood lines to the original imports of macaws into Australia. With the cessation of macaw importation into Australia, the blood line traceability has proven to be quite valuable data for husbandry purposes. Michael has researched every AMRC macaw blood line extensively back to the original importation. This information is then entered into sophisticated software, which then can be used to compile detailed reports.

The AMRC collects and shares data with other international research centres, breeders and conservationists, endeavouring to educate and assist in macaw conservation both in Australia and on International platforms.
In later 2017, the AMRC is relocating to 50 acres, where further research and expansion can occur. This will include zoological enclosures being designed and built with the implementation of new technologies.


Michael will be speaking on the following subjects:

Unveiling Macaw Mysteries, Diet with a Difference
Uncovering those Speculations, Choosing a Macaw