Parrot Society of New Zealand

President's Warning

President's Report March 2016

Members please beware of a person trying to purchase birds. He will engage you in a deal and then very often not follow through with it, or become very abusive when he does not get what he wants. He is also using people's names as reference of friendship which are not correct or he will quote a person incorrectly.

The abuse is becoming very offensive and we are looking to collect evidence against this person to take to the police.

If you have had a bad experience could you please send the written evidence to us please? As a Society we will compile evidence to be used in a case against this person. This person goes by several different names and makes up very believable stories?

The birds being of interest to this person are usually the expensive larger birds or the rarer medium size Parrots.

So be very careful at the moment if you are selling birds to someone you do not know, cross reference with other members to see if they know of this person.

Paul Dixon

President PSNZ